A Piece for Light and Piano

Steinkjer Rådhus
November 2012

Piece by Joakim Blattmann

(Programming by Ricardo del Pozo)

A Piece for Light and Piano was a site specific sound installation shown at Steinkjer City Hall, November 2012. The work was commissioned by the annual traditional folk music festival: Hilmar Festivalen.

A Piece for Light and Piano is based on light information from Jakob Weidemanns stained glass works in Steinkjer church, and the recording of one single piano tone. The connection to the stained glass was chosen due to the installations placing among Weidemanns other glass works presented in the city hall.

Variations in light and color temperature that shines through the stained glass were recorded with a video camera. Through a programming tool this information (the light variations) controls a single tone recorded from the church`s piano. The finished soundpiece will not have a clear start and end. It will be in a continuous change in relations to how light and sound without our interference will shape a room.

Programming: Ricardo del Pozo.

Curator: Per Rygvold.