This was a project commissioned by  M.A.D (Music, Art, Design), initiated by Josefin Johansson. The concept was developed by Josefin in collaboration with light designer Daniel Sørensen and audiovisual artist Ricardo del Pozo. The concept of the performance was to create clothes made of light and show at Dansens Hus - Oslo, Norway  / 19th of February 2010, during Oslo Fashion week.


Max/MSP Jitter was used to map, mask and project images on near naked bodies. For this development the Jamoma framework was used. All modules used for this project can be found at github. Newer versions of these modules can be found here.



Arrangements was performed by  M.A.D (Music, Art, Design) and Anne Cecilie Bodin. Assistance from Stephan Ullvund Øien, Maria Hagerupsen, Kassem Collin Cherry, Beryl Morwesy Diane. Choreography was done by Anne Cecilie Bodin. Hair was done by Cathrine Andresen / Hope. Make up by Cathrine Aas / Pudder. Models: Rikke K / Topmodels - Silje Gullowna / Topmodels - Karin Santini / Topmodels. Photo: Joakim Johansson & Rut Helen Gjævert